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"Partnerships with parents are strong. Parents praise the childminder's dedication and are very happy with the service she provides. She effectively shares information with them and has developed questionnaires as a means of gaining their feedback. She talks to parents on a daily basis, to find out about children's care routines and consequently has developed effective partnerships."


(Ofsted, 2014)

"Linda is an excellent childminder, we feel lucky to have her, she's brilliant with J and is a real credit to the profession."

Sarah Plummer

"Just a quick message to say how much we appreciate all you have done for F. He has enjoyed his time with you and made great friends. You have prepared him well for school, and we have seen this is what he does at home too." 

Mandy Turton

"We feel able to communicate openly with Linda and are confident that Linda feels the same. We are very happy with everything, particularly the healthy eating. Linda is an excellent childminder and we feel really lucky to have her. "

Sarah Horsley

"Saw lots of childminders at playgroup, Linda was always very involved with the children she cared for and was really caring and supportive to them. Linda is very open, friendly and pro-active in sharing information about activities and any concerns. I am very happy with the caring home environment that Linda creates. W is always happy to go and tells me he has had a great time."

Caroline Conroy

"Thank you so much for looking after C. You have been amazing and he has loved every minute."

Cherine Bloom

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