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My setting

At Wonder Years Childcare I provide opportunities for play-based, child-led learning in a home-based setting. I believe that children learn best when they are stimulated and engaged in activities inspired by their own interests and needs. Resources and activities are differentiated to ensure they can be accessed and enjoyed by all the children in my care.

As research shows, and from my own experience, children benefit greatly when provided with natural and open-ended materials. Some of the experiences and resources that children will have access to include:-

  • Natural materials - sand, soil, pebbles, shells, sticks and pine cones

  • Living world - Plants, herbs, flowers, mini beasts and growing vegetables

  • Water - buckets, brushes, water wall, funnels, measuring jugs and utensils

  • Imaginative and creative play - mark making materials (big and small), junk modelling, paint, books, role-play, music and dance

  • Construction and den play - cardboard boxes, tarpaulin, blankets, pegs and large wooden building blocks..


For more pictures and examples of what we get up to visit my Facebook page and Instagram account

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