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Healthy eating

Children are offered a variety of healthy and nutritious homemade meals. I am happy to cater for all dietary requirements including allergies, halal, vegetarian, vegan etc. Children have access to water throughout the day in addition to milk at breakfast and snack times.

Mealtimes offer children the opportunity to help understand about keeping themselves healthy through good hygiene and food choices. Babies and younger children are encouraged to try out a range of tastes and textures. I tend to take a baby led approach to weaning as this encourages self-feeding and independence, but I am more than happy to accommodate individual needs. With toddlers and older children it is a time to find out what they have enjoyed doing or would like to do; all of which can be incorporated in to our planning. Children have lots of opportunities to cook, bake, and grow vegetables.

Below is an example of some of the meals that children are offered.


A selection of healthy cereals, toast and fruit

  • Roast chicken, carrots and sweetcorn

  • Sausage and vegetable casserole

  • Fish pie, peas and carrots

  • Cottage pie, broccoli and cauliflower


Yoghurts and fruit are offered for dessert at lunchtime.


Puddings are provided as treats on occasions such as birthdays and celebrations but not as a daily offering to encourage healthy eating habits from an early age


Snacks always include fresh fruit or vegetables. With the addition of oat cakes, pitta, toast and dips.

Light tea

Selection of sandwiches, wraps, crudités, dips, yoghurt and fruit

Meal suggestions from children and parents and warmly welcomed

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